Rickshaw Bench



Whether she is sitting in this imagining she is being taken to a far away fantasy land or relaxing with a storybook, this fancy Rickshaw can take her wherever her imagination can dream. This dreamy working cart can be placed anywhere in a playroom or bedroom as a perfectly enchanting reading or play center.



The Rickshaw itself was originally created to be the focal point for a fanciful photo-shoot where the children were transported to a beautiful and whimsical fantasyland.  While the front of the cart has an upholstered seat ideal for play-time, the back of the cart has a working flower light perfect for story hour.



The back luggage space is the perfect place to store he favorite fairytales, dolls and stuffed animals.



While this piece is built for whimsy, a creative mind can find unlimited uses from a play date tea party, to a garden adventure, a dress up fantasy or bedtime story time.



As this is a fully working rickshaw with moving parts, there must be particular attention paid to safety. There are multiple locks installed on both wheels to ensure that it cannot be moved without intent. This is a wooden structure and therefore all of the seating and resting areas are upholstered for comfort as well as safety.  The front seat is made deeper so that if a ride is requested, the little passengers can sit comfortably back and enjoy the view.