Incredible Twin Nursery Ideas




The sheer delight of the merry-go-round — an enduring symbol of childhood — is captured in this beautiful room dedicated to the carousel. The ageless joy and beauty of a classic carousel creates a magical space where anything seems possible.


Designed for two special twins, the actual carousel in the room stands almost 14-feet tall and eight-and-a-half feet wide to hold two baby cribs. Two hand-painted carousel horses (that are also reproduced in framed photos above the changing tables) complete the authentic look. Window treatments start at the center of the carousel with fabric that arches out to each window to pull together the entire room. Custom fabrics are used throughout the space, and the entrance to the attic within the room is disguised with an oversized, vintage amusement park ticket. A television is framed on the wall with a monkey on top to ensure that even modern items have a vintage feel.


An 18-foot by 12-foot wall of letter blocks creates an abstract armoire that provides storage for clothes, toys, books and other items. The center blocks create a bench seat along the wall, while freestanding blocks within the room help add to the illusion that all of the blocks in the room are actually stacked.


The wall armoire can be easily updated to accommodate growing children by removing the letters and repainting the blocks in another style.


Everything in the room is secure, but if accidental falls or slips do occur, the floor has been custom made to be soft and safe. Two-foot square floor pads created with Medium Density Fiber board and two layers of carpet padding with fabric over top, cover the floor to create the feel of walking on pillows.