Rickshaw Bench



Whether she is sitting in this imagining she is being taken to a far away fantasy land or relaxing with a storybook, this fancy Rickshaw can take her wherever her imagination can dream. This dreamy working cart can be placed anywhere in a playroom or bedroom as a perfectly enchanting reading or play center.



The Rickshaw itself was originally created to be the focal point for a fanciful photo-shoot where the children were transported to a beautiful and whimsical fantasyland.  While the front of the cart has an upholstered seat ideal for play-time, the back of the cart has a working flower light perfect for story hour.



The back luggage space is the perfect place to store he favorite fairytales, dolls and stuffed animals.



While this piece is built for whimsy, a creative mind can find unlimited uses from a play date tea party, to a garden adventure, a dress up fantasy or bedtime story time.



As this is a fully working rickshaw with moving parts, there must be particular attention paid to safety. There are multiple locks installed on both wheels to ensure that it cannot be moved without intent. This is a wooden structure and therefore all of the seating and resting areas are upholstered for comfort as well as safety.  The front seat is made deeper so that if a ride is requested, the little passengers can sit comfortably back and enjoy the view.





The Burton Chair



Our client wanted to create a totally unique and inspired chair that could last their equally unique son from toddler to his tween years. They wanted the chair to be a multifunctional piece converting from high chair to study chair and look as if it had been pulled straight from a Tim Burton film.



The initial focus of the piece came from the elements it had to incorporate. Some of the elements were creative, some were functional and some were personal.(maximum height, removable light, adjustable for multiple ages, storage for books and toys, easy mobility)



The piece was designed with multiple storage options ready to house all the creativity a little boy could imagine. Each of the books at the base of the seat pull out for larger storage areas perfect for books, sketch pads and small toys. Additional storage can be found in a secret compartment in the armrest, perfect for pencils or crayons.



The piece is whimsical but was designed to grow with this little boy out of toddler into tween and therefore was created with this maturing in mind. The seat will raise and lower for him (approximately 12” vertical) which should keep up with him as he quickly grows. The colors incorporated into the piece are pulled directly from the families home and will blend well with its new home.



Certainly any piece that we build safety is a primary concern and this piece is certainly no exception.  The absolute intent of this piece is to be a place for this little boy to eat, learn, play, create and he must be safe and secure doing all of these things. For his younger years a security harness system is installed to safely protect him from falling. The harness system can adapt as he grows to just the lap belt and then the belts can be removed when he no longer needs them.


Open the door to your child’s imagination with MyDoor.

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Items included in DIY kit

DIY Kit in box

DIY kit insert in dutch door

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Action Jackson



The main theme for this room is an active, physical and personalized experience for a growing boy.  This was achieved with the use of bold colors, creative inclusion of personal favorites and the use of industrial materials.


The main focus of the room is the 12 foot long x 4 foot high elevated bed. The bed is the focal point of the room and leaves ample space for activity within the room beneath. A secondary focus of the room is the desk, positioned in a private corner of the room outfitted with custom lighting and suspended desktop designed to support growing technical needs and school assignments.


A large floor armoire was built at the far die of the room between the bed and wall.. The armoire was built with 8 separate storage units that are approximately 12”x24” by 8” deep.  These enclosed storage spaces are convenient for anything a growing boy may need to put away and convenient enough to make cleaning up easy for him. The floor is built to support the chair and desk built into the far corner of the room.


The room was designed for active ages 8 to 18.  There are three ways to enter the bed, climb the knotted rope, custom rock wall, or pipe monkey bars up the wall and along the ceiling. The ladder was included only for parents. While these are the intended ways to enter the bed, they are also a convenient safety system to prevent younger siblings from getting into his private things.


This room was designed for an older child but safety is still a critical element and every detail in the room was reviewed for safety. The raised bed includes extra long and higher side boards ensuring that any rolling in bed is kept safe. The decking was sanded and edges cleaned to prevent any potential splintering. Power outlets are covered using exterior industrial outlets for the switches and plugs, which also looks really cool.

Fairy Land



Every element of this room evokes images from the Enchanted Forest. Tiny lights twinkle like fireflies; curtains swing from real tree limbs and sticker stones lay a pathway to the bed. Ceramic mushrooms and birdhouses are scattered throughout the room, creating perfect hiding spots for fairies, pixies and other magical friends. The dominant color of both bedroom and bathroom — a soft, feminine pink — creates a soothing, yet wondrous atmosphere. In the corner sits a large tree with a child-size door at the base, promising a child-size adventure on the other side.


Illuminated by two beautiful flower-shaped lamps, the six-foot-diameter circular bed becomes the centerpiece of the room. Imitation bark on the bed’s exterior augments the room’s theme and makes it easy for a child to believe they have stepped out of the suburbs and into the forest. Three lily pads extending from tree bark serve as both steps to the bed and stools to sit on. Ready-made for princess parties and sleepovers, the bed easily accommodates two to three small children or an adult. Twelve-foot ceilings enhance the sense of openness, while soft lighting and comfy pillows make this a cozy reading and resting spot.


The shelves on the rear of the bed and the two compartments in the tree — one covered by a double-door, the other by a miniature door — supplement the storage capacity of the room’s giant closet without interrupting the theme.


The bed meets standard specifications for a baby crib, and can accommodate both children and adults. The railing is easily removed when baby girl becomes a “big girl,” and eventually, a teenager.


Rounded edges on all of the room’s furnishings help prevent nasty bumps, and lamps are positioned well out-of-reach of small children. The mattress is designed to fit snugly to meet current crib safety standards, while a 26-inch railing allows this bed to act as a safe, comfortable and fun play area.

Fun For All



There are two priorities in this room: Hockey (in this case, Washington Capitals hockey) and FUN.



The room is broken into two main sections (one for kids and one for adults); and divided by authentic hockey boards, complete with yellow kickplates and half-inch plexiglass. Like a true hockey arena, the room pays homage to star players with two fully autographed team jerseys preserved in cases, as well as team logos positioned throughout the room on custom-made pillows, accessories and the floor.

The back half of the room is made just for kids. Swings, a dart board, a ball pit, a stage and a hidden playhouse under the stairs ensure fun for all.



A large storage unit at the rear of the room makes use of an odd-shaped nook, adds support and accommodates large shelves, toys and boxes. Storage space is cleverly placed near the ballpit, and will eventually transition into a full storage area once the pit is no longer needed. The back side of the hockey boards hold two small refrigerators (one for adults and one for kids), as well as the base for the audio system.



The front half of the room lasts as long as the family’s love for the team. The back half of the room grows with the children, and eventually will provide a useable, wide open space as well as storage.



A plexiglass wall separates the two main areas of the room, minimizing the noise created by kids playing and hockey fans cheering. It also protects the big screen TV from balls, pucks and other play objects that occasionally fly by. The ballpit door has a double safety lock to ensure supervised use.



Fancy Nancy Bed

It is finally time to admit that she is too big for a toddler bed while the rest of the room is still perfectly adorable for your little princess. The objective in this beautiful room was to incorporate growing tastes into an already decorated space and on a budget.

A wonderful book series for little girls and a favorite of this princess is Fancy Nancy.  Nancy believes that everything is better when it is “fancy” and a little girl’s version of fancy is whimsical, colorful and fun. This project was made all the more special because this little girl was involved in picking the accessories and making the room her own special and fancy place.

The simple poster bed was found online and chosen for its simple detail and solid white color – a perfect starting point. Detail colors were chosen based on the fabrics already in the room and luckily all remaining fabric had been kept during the initial installation and served well for details later.  Since the intent of the look is to appear that a little girl has decorated the bed, the details do not need to be perfect – simply cut the fabrics and tie them together to create the canopy.

The addition of the vines, flowers and birds added to the whimsy already painted on the walls. When adding the decoration to the canopy, pay attention that some of the details are added specifically seen when lying in the bed – she loves that.  Once the details were painted on the bed and the main elements added to the canopy, it was time to accessorize as Nancy would say. Additional lace was added to the floor lamp and remnant fabrics from the floor and window seat were tied to the four posters. These small additions tied the room together beautifully.

The bedding was the final element and is a combination of blankets and a comforter, all deemed fancy by the littlest designer and picked from her already full closet of accessories. She loves and is so proud of her contribution to her new bed – sleep well princess.

Bon Voyage!



Originally designed for a family who’s life work revolves around travel, this room evokes images of passport stamps, picture postcards and time well-spent venturing to new places. Every aspect of the room’s interior — from curtains to wall decorations and accessories — reminds a young traveler of all the wonderful places he visits with his family.


Three large items illustrate the room’s theme: a crib, which mimics a Medieval carriage; an over-sized armoire designed to look like a sea chest with a large buckle and leather strap; and a spacious, triple-drawer dresser made to look like three pieces of luggage stacked askew. A daybed with custom linens is detailed with travel stamps from far away, mystical places like Neverland, Narnia and Terabithia.


Baby and personal care supplies are hidden in drawers beneath the crib’s changing table. Three spacious storage units under the daybed match the dresser’s “luggage” drawers. The interior of the armoire accommodates hanging clothes, and includes shelves for folded items.


The crib is large enough to function as a bed to accommodate the occupant’s growth.


The edges of the furniture are rounded to prevent injury, and all sleeping and sitting surfaces are cushioned and designed to meet current safety standards.